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Is It Possible to Remove a Review from My Google Listing?

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This article delves into the possibilities for businesses to remove a review from their Google listing. Learn the steps to take and how to handle the situation while maintaining a good online reputation.

Is It Possible to Remove a Review from My Google Listing?

Understanding Google's Review Policy

Reviews on Google My Business play a crucial role in the online reputation of businesses. Sometimes, a negative or inappropriate review might appear, raising the question of its removal. Knowing how to handle such reviews is essential for maintaining a positive online presence.

Removable Reviews According to Google

  • Inappropriate Reviews: Google allows the removal of reviews that violate its policies, such as those containing hate speech, spam, or personal information. Reviews that are blatantly false or malicious may also qualify for removal.

Understanding what types of reviews can be removed helps you navigate the process more effectively.

Steps to Request the Removal of a Review

If you encounter a review that seems to violate Google's rules, here’s what you can do. Following these steps can increase your chances of having the review removed.

Report the Review to Google

  • Use the Report Function: Report the review directly from your Google My Business account. Navigate to the review in question, click on the three dots next to it, and select "Flag as inappropriate."
  • Provide Evidence: If possible, provide evidence showing why the review should be removed. This could include screenshots or documentation that supports your claim.

By providing detailed information and evidence, you can make a stronger case for the review's removal.

What to Do If Google Refuses to Remove the Review?

If Google decides not to remove the review, there are still steps you can take to manage its impact.

  • Professional Response: Respond to the review professionally, showing that you take all customer feedback seriously, even negative. Apologize for any genuine issues raised and explain what steps you are taking to resolve them.
  • Boost Positive Reviews: Encourage your satisfied customers to post their reviews to balance out the negative ones. A higher volume of positive reviews can mitigate the impact of a negative one.

Handling negative reviews professionally can demonstrate your commitment to customer service and turn a potentially harmful situation into an opportunity to improve your business.

Managing Online Reputation Despite Negative Reviews

It's important to maintain a good online reputation, even in the presence of negative reviews. Here are strategies to manage and improve your online presence.

Constructive Response Strategies

  • Calm and Considered Responses: Respond calmly to negative reviews, offering solutions where possible. Show empathy and a willingness to make things right.
  • Use Reviews for Improvement: View negative reviews as opportunities to improve your services or products. Use the feedback to identify areas where you can make changes and enhancements.

Responding constructively to negative reviews can help you learn from your mistakes and show potential customers that you are dedicated to providing excellent service.


Although removing a review from Google is not always possible, understanding how to effectively manage reviews can help to preserve and even enhance your online reputation. By reporting inappropriate reviews, responding professionally to negative feedback, and encouraging positive reviews, you can maintain a strong and positive online presence. Embrace negative feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement, and your business will benefit in the long run.


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